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    Fridge not running on dual battery when cars turned off.

    Voltage drop to the plug in the back? You might have enough electrons to get by with when the when the alternator is pumping away, but it rapidly will drop off once shut down and the low voltage cut out kicks in. If the cable is up to the job, it might be as simple as a bad earth.
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    A solution to long distance EV travel

    Getting the manufactures to decide on a standard battery size/shape/configuration?... good luck with that. They can't even agree on a standard for the charger plug.
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    What is your commonly used recovery gear

    I knew a couple of guys with them and they crapped all over anything else going around at the time. Even after the transfer case lunched its self and spat bolts out the side of the case. one still managed to drive it back to Brisbane. My most used item would be my winch. I don't get stuck as I...
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    For people assuming they have a GCM upgrade

    A bit of a beat up. Its been the rules around here for a while, while you can do a GVM upgrade of 10%, there has always been an upper limit to the GCM, so any extra capacity that is allowed in the tow vehicle has to come off the trailer. (from 2017)...
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    Any free camp sites available?

    and download the maps if you know you're going somewhere with marginal reception.
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    Any free camp sites available?

    Wiki Camps is handy or the NSW State Forest Maps have campsites marked. The northern side of the forestry road through Barrington tops was one of my Go-To places, there are some nice spots around Bulladelah and Forster too. Mostly I'd just go...
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    20L metal water Jerry Cans

    Pretty much a 10L stainless garden sprayer... with legs. Garden sprayers are easy to come by, around the $100 mark at the big green shed.
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    20L metal water Jerry Cans

    These are the ones to get: Heavy duty and basically the ones the Army issue, just with a plug for a screw-in tap in the side. The saw tooth pattern on the caps and the jerry and both caps having NATO Stock Numbers printed on them are good identifying...
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    Extracta Hand Winch

    Buy a 2nd hand one on Gumtree. 99.9% have had very little work and are at give away prices. You too can use it twice and then dump it in the dark corner of the shed because its hard work. Not much to go wrong with them, so don't be afraid of it being worn out. If the the jaws slip on the cable...
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    All factors considered, which 4wd will get me more places?

    A reliable vehicle being driven by someone that knows how to drive and has mechanical empathy will go furthest. Most outback and remote roads aren't hard, they are just a long way from anywhere. The side tracks of Wattagans is harder that 99% of Cape York. An old dunger will cost you money. Old...
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    Being charged for exporting from your solar panels.

    Spin. I was out west of Toowoomba and they are putting in massive solar farms, once they are online they will want to throttle the cottage industry solar to maximise on their investment. We are already being ripped off as if you get a quote for power supply to your home, the 'daily supply...
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    Just when I thought I had seen in all

    I thought this ARB Boot Swag was well up there on the useless meter, but apparently they sell them.
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    The Covid jab , will you take it ?

    Not quite... Chance of a blood Clot with Astra Zenica - 1 in 250,000 with the pill, well you take 25 doses a month (+5 sugar pills), so thats 300 doses/year, then you're probably on it for years. Then the blood clots are different, generally in the legs, rather than the brain. But the odds of...
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    Dual battery set ups - have I misused my own battery?

    Batteries die over time. The happiest lead acid batteries are ones that are kept at a moderate temperature, don't get discharged much and are kept fully charged in between uses. Last week we had to change the batteries in a fire truck, 17 years old, always on a trickle charger or with the motor...
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    Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!

    Thats just the Nissan experience. You'll probably make it home, or it will be an adventure.