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    New Defender, observations and opinions of the available information !

    Yuck. That does seem to confirm a direction for that brand...
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    Tyres in soft sand

    Good ol' Robert Pepper released this YouTube video a few days ago: "Are wide or narrow tyres best for a 4x4?" - As usual, he gets into the details, but I think this is a fair summary: The contact patch is not much different for narrow or wide (for the same diameter); a little bit bigger for...
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    USB C is a wonderful thing for 4wding and camping.

    Is standardising on USB-C really a good idea? What if they had standardized on micro-USB... perhaps we wouldn't have got USB-C if that was the case. And as far as minimizing waste, consider that there are billions (with a B) Apple devices (iPhones and iPads etc.) in the world, and each of those...
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    More news on the Toyota class action for Prado, HiLux and Fortuner owners

    I’ve had a 2018 model since new. Never had a problem and Toyota has not made any physical changes. However, I have a piece of paper saying I have a 10 year warranty on the DPF… (Edit: forgot to mention: there was a recall on affected models in 2019 for an ECM software update that changed the...
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    The Great National Park

    In SA, I’m used to collecting firewood before entering the park. You need space on the roof rack though.
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    Rooftop Maps now available digitally.

    I'm not a fan of ExplorOz either. The app is not particularly well designed, maybe I'm just picky, but the main issue I have is how it displays a web of unaccessible roads. You can't rely on it for choosing a route from point A to point B. From what I can tell, that is considered a virtue by the...
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    Rooftop Maps now available digitally.

    I agree that the "Hema Explorer" app was OK. There was a lot of room for improvement, but it mostly did the job. But it has been discontinued, replaced by the new "Hema 4x4 Explorer" app, which by all accounts, is not OK.
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    Who to vote for?

    "There are colleagues around the country, good people, who have potentially lost their seats." — Peter Dutton. It is telling that one of the first things he thinks of is his poor cronies.
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    Rooftop Maps now available digitally.

    I've got the Hema 4WD explorer app now... and its design and quality are both terrible. Real amateur hour. Although, the map data itself is good... maybe just good enough for me to keep using it despite the how broken it is. I don't understand how Hema can be so consistently terrible at...
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    Public Service Announcement. Dont buy Duracell Batteries.

    I'm surprised your're not using rechargeable batteries. The Panasonic Eneloop brand - - does a good job. Get them from eBay or Amazon. They retain 90% of their charge for a year, so you just charge them when you get back from a trip and they're ready for...
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    Another spare tyre, in case………

    By the way, you need to remove the "pretty white cover" because - you'll save 8.1 Kg off your rear axle load (yep, I weighed it) - you can hang a bin bag off it - you can use the spare as a step to get on the roof rack - it fills up with dust - it is a pain to remove when you need to change a...
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    Another spare tyre, in case………

    Or don’t bother with a second spare and instead: - buy a TPMS - drop tyre pressures - drive at 80 - take a tyre repair kit (for something like the Strezlecki)
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    2012 SD4 Freelander 2 SE off road preparation

    Sounds like you had fun! I learnt long ago to stay away from wet clay. Some may find it fun, but too risky for me. Doesn’t matter what tyres you have.
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    Landcruiser 300 Series

    I think that video is slightly incorrect on the lockers situation. From Robert Pepper's YouTube videos on the 300, I'm pretty sure that only the very top spec, GR Sport ($150K!), gets lockers, and you can't option lockers on any of the other models. At least to start with. To me, the inclusion...
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    Tyres for a Prado

    I've had BFGoodrich KO2s on my Prado 150 for 50,0000 kms now. No problems at all - no punctures, even wear, still about 7mm tread left (12 mm depth when new). Driven on many SA outback roads. I rotate all five wheels every 6 months. I have the slightly bigger size, 265/70R17, to get a little...