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    Brolga Bits 2005 - 2018 JB / JT Suzuki Grand Vitara Front Recovery Points

    Hey Mate, Yes they will fit the standard bumper although you will need to trim the under skirt to allow the eye to protude unhindered I have a set fitted to my 2016 Aussie GV 5 Door look good work even better. Ta Dennis ta Dennis
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    Hema Explorer App android issues

    Hey Mauriceb & 4x4 Mate, Got it all working as it was now, able to record tracks, plot treks and Sync with the cloud. Thanks again guys Ta Dennis
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    Hema Explorer App android issues

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes .......
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    Hema Explorer App android issues

    Hey Mauriceb, Your a legend, I followed your advise and now have all my saved tracks and routes back again. At the moment the only thing the programme won't do is sync with the cloud. But hey at least I've 98% working again, I think have I can work with that. Thanks Dennis
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    Watagan Forest

    Hey Triton14 & 03hilux, Thanks for your advice, I had already looked at the area via the "tracks" tab above, I was actually trying to find some help/info that was a little more up to date than 2018, the 4 links above provided by Triton14 range from 2016 to 2018. I think I'd be fairly safe to...
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    Watagan Forest

    Hey All, I'm looking to organize a weekend in the Watagans. Anybody got any good tracks for some intermediate fun, we're traveling in a Suzuki Grand Vitara, a Toyota FJ and an Amarok. any options will be appreciated ! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Dennis
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    JB / JT Suzuki Grand Vitara Recovery Points

    Hi All, As we are all aware finding proper rated Front Recovery Points for our JB /JT Grand Vitara's has been impossible. Well with a bit of luck the wait may be FINALLY over. I stumbled across this site while doing some research. For my Two Bob's worth this has gotta be worth a look...
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    Suzuki Grand Vitara

    Hey Mate, I run Toyo Open Country A/T 235/70x16 on my 2016 Grand Vitara have had no probs with them so far had them on now for about 20,000K's. hope this helps ta Dennis
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    Recovery Points

    Hey guys, thanks for the input sadly I've tried Ebay, Roadsafe and I think just about every other manufacturer in the world all have the same answer ...... NO !!! My next option is to see if I can source an engineer to assess the mounting of "Tow Hooks" to the Nudge Bar mountings behind the...
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    Recovery Points

    Hi Guys, I have a 2016 Grand Vitara 5 Door sport 4x4, purchased in November. Since purchase I have changed the supplied 18" rims and tyres to Sunraysia 16" fitted with 235/70/Cooper AT3's, put a 50mm Pedders lift Kit under it, and acquired from Suzuki Qld the Suzuki Bash Plates, ECB type 2...
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    Hello from Sydney

    Hi all, Names Dennis and I'm from Sydney new to the forum just thought I'd day hi! I own a 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara and looking to start doing some trekking around.