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    mn Triton intake clean @ 50,000kms

    EGR Block From what i have read about the 2.5 Triton you cant fully block the egr right off or it will cause the engine light to turn on and also possibly limp mode too. My blank plate has a 5mm hole in it and has been running for a while now no problems. the egr pipe is roughly about 25mm in...
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    mn Triton intake clean @ 50,000kms

    After driving the car for a week and a bit now i have notice definite improvement. Under load the turbo lag is much better. We have been towing a small excavator around 2500kg up the hill to Kinglake and back and the low down turbo response feels much stronger too.
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    mn Triton intake clean @ 50,000kms

    So after blocking the EGR and fitting a catch can I decided to remove the intake and clean it out. Not being a mechanic and not wanting to do any damage i took my time and the whole job and it took about 5 hours. Thanks to Rogazz for lending a hand while putting it all back together. The only...
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    need parts picked up Melbourne to O'Tooles

    Hey guys as Roger said we are heading over on Friday. I will be working Tomorrow morning in Toorak so its not to far to head over to north melb from there if you need me too. Give me a call on 0401674708 and let me know?
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    Change of plans. Could you please change my group as the wife and kids are gonna stay home as it will be her friends 30th over the weekend. So only one adult for me.
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    kids We have our 3 year old twin girls coming along for their first real 4x4 trip.
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    Kids!!! Hey Guys, This will be our first real trip with 4x4 earth. It looks like there is going to be lots of kids. We have twin 3 year old girls and wondering if there will be many other kids that age for them to play with?
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    Haha you sly dog Rog. Will be great to have 3 generations around the fire. Cant wait. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles

    Form sent Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
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    Pyrenees June 2014 TR

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to say thanks for letting Roger and I come and gate crash your camp fire on sat night. It was great to meet you guys. Might catch up around christmas when we head west with the family. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
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    How pathetic is this....

    First thought First thought I had was that there must be a huge weed crop near that???
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    Drink Drive in ACT OK????

    Have to agree with rog. Why should she get off because a few notable people write her a reference. If anyone here had done the same thing it would be a loss of license and a fine. Frankly I wish they would go a lot hard on drunk drivers. My wife came very close to being killed when she was 5...
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    Hi Guys, I have a Colorado single cab 4x4 and will hopefully be moving on to a dual cab triton in the next few weeks. my father in law has been asking heaps of questions on my behalf and we have had some great info givin back. Cheers Glenn
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    How good Navara d22?

    Time to stop being a tight arse. Seeing Roger posted this on my behalf I thought I should jump on and thank everyone for their replies. I have been looking for a while now and I just keep coming back to the triton GLX 4x4. Its damn cheap and sound fairly reliable and has room for the kids...