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    Vic High Country most extreme

    The hardest track that I know of is Ortons up to the helipad even in the dry it is very close to impossible with a fully kitted out rig.
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    Old Vs New

    I got mine in 1961 the year my wife was born my first car was a 100E Prefect I was a motor Mechanic so it was not long before it would 150K but motors only lasted about 4000 Miles.
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    First trip out after the rain Bairnsdale Suzi crew

    It is wider and has all mod cons traction control works well off road with decent tyres it would be as good as a standard Sierra and has much more driver comfort but it is not as much fun to drive which is why we drive old Zooks. As always it depends what you are looking for in your 4wd.
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    Merry Christmas to all Earthers

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everybody from David and Libby.
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    My littls collection of restored zooks I drive one most days.

    Only three are registered yet.
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    Proposed trip to Coffs Harbour 2020

    I was wondering when the best time to go to Coffs Harbour to do the hard tracks with a group of old Suzukis .We have done Cape Yourk and most of the hard tracks in Tassie and plan to go to the Barrington tops then to Coffs for some fun we will make a film of the trip and I will write an article...
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    Wonnangatta Station to Dargo

    The tracks are very dry at the moment all are open in November a lot of the tracks are fairly rutted out at present due to the dry and they wont be graded until after some rain the crossing at Eaglevale is fairly deep at present due to snow melt.I travel those roads fairly often and would not...
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    Trip up to the Barrington tops and Coffs Harbour in old Suzukis.

    We are planning a trip to Barrington Tops and Coffs Harbour then to Cape Byron next year to make the next Suzuki film, we have been to the Cape and Cockle Bay in Tassie as far north and South as you can go in a 4WD now it is East.We are looking for some advice as to the best time to go there and...
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    Beginners Tracks South East Melbourne

    Another thought a good way to learn the ropes is to join a 4WD club most clubs are really helpful and love to teach new drivers good practice it is also good from a social point of view.
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    Beginners Tracks South East Melbourne

    The main thing with water crossings is to check depth, first walk it if doubtful, a water bra or tarp over front will keep the engine dryer but must cover the whole intake area.
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    the good old times

    Amazing it did not breakdown while doing the video or even break an axle.
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    some of my rides

    I enjoy rertoring old suzukis The grey one is the latest project fitting a 1.3 litre with 5 speed box to make it better on
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    The best time to be alive.

    I read a statement the other day that I thought fits this discussion well." The youth of today shows no respect to the society they must fit into,They also show no respect for the law or feel any need to make their way in the world, I seriously feel the future of humanity is in grave...