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    Second Chances

    No probs Prawns!! I've had plenty of waves and chats, just a few that don't bother that brings it all down. Hope to see you out on the trails!! D
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    Second Chances

    Hey everyone. This weekend I headed up to Mount Cole and the Mount Buangor State Park region for some camp site maintenance. I really didn't think that I had any pet hates out on the tracks, but 2 sprung to mind as I was cleaning up Ditchfields and Chinamans Camping Grounds. 1...
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    Second Chances

    To the participants in this discussion. First of all, i'd like the express my sincere gratitude for those on this forum that are open minded and can see the whole picture. I would like to apologise to all the 4wd community out there for my stupidity and lack of judgement. Those of you...
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    Fines imposed

    To all 4WD people. It's very had to get a tone in a post, but I hope that the right tone is conveyed to you all. A few hours ago a friend of mine gave me a call and said that something was going on on youtube, with one of my videos. I logged on and was instantly bombarded by over 30...
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    Toolangi conditions

    Hi there everyone. Thinking of heading up to Toolangi this weekend. Anyone been up there in the last month or so that might know some of the trail conditions? Cheers Doug. P.S. If anyone's free, you are more than welcome to join us!!
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    Car UHF/CD player in one

    Hi there everyone. Just wondering if there is such a unit that has a UHF receiver and CD/Radio in one? Instead of installing 2 units in my car, it'd be great to have 2 units in one. If not, can anyone recommend a good place to get a UHF and new car stereo units installed into my Suby, in...
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    Car Awning suggestions

    Hi there everyone. I need to get an awning to mount on the side of my Forester and was wondering what brand people use and what experience people have with them. What's good? What's bad? What's easy to mount? What's the best quality? Who's had problems with them? Who's had great experiences...
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    Bushfire Information & Road/Track Closures & Access for victoria

    this is another great site: Public Access Map
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    Mount Buller High Country trip forum input please!!

    Thanks for all the info guys!! Ashbine: did you drive Corn Hill Logging Track? Is it super rocky or washed out or just impossible to pass? Cheers
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    Mount Buller High Country trip forum input please!!

    Hi there everyone. I'm planning a Victorian High Country trip in late Feb and I was wondering if I could get your input. Attached are 3 files with the trip route. It's just going to be a day trip, we'll prob stay in a caravan park in Mansfield. The cars going (so far) are a 2006...
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    Victorian Alpine High Country tracks help.

    Hi Julian. Thanks for all the info. Glad you saw another "soft-roader" having a go! D
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    beginner/stocker day out

    ahhhh bugger!! I'm doing a 4wd course that day in Anglesea!! Bugger!! Have fun guys!! D
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    Victorian Alpine High Country tracks help.

    After a bit more investigation I think that the tracks around Mount Buller are prob the best. Thinking we wanna drive up to Craig's Hut, then over to Mt Sterling (via Clear Hills Trk), then possibly Corn Hill Logging Trk. Have any of you driven these tracks? Cheers
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    anyone taken a Captiva offroad

    Hey there kts350! Welcome to the forum. I too have a 'Soft-roader". It's a 2006 Subaru Forester. Family car also, with no low range. I was, and kinda still in, you wondering about my car's capability stage. I can understand where you are coming from too. How far could I take it? How could...
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    Tyre deflaters advice

    sweet as guys. Interesting to read all the posts. Seems that i pretty much can't go wrong with an Ezi Tyre Deflator. Any suggestions for a tyre inflator, that I attach to the battery? Brands? Reliability? Cheers D