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    Solar blankets and soft style panels

    When I tried to connect stand alone portable panel through the ctek DC DC charger the cheapo regulator on the panel would not work and therefore stuff all output, apparently if the cheapo could not “see” the battery it would not work or let any power through, adjusted wiring with a few Anderson...
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    Anyone own this lol?

    Converter plug use to plug into any electric car charger outlet
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    4th Annual NSW Meet - Paddys River Dam May 24-26th

    Great answer, made my morning, our dog would have to be more of an under sized lamb as she is a Jack Russell with much too much energy, her nickname is the hound from hell
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    4th Annual NSW Meet - Paddys River Dam May 24-26th

    Good to hear, saw the calendar for 2018 so checked main council website which had some current events, oh well country councils have a lot of work to do so can’t expect the website to be kept up to date :)
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    4th Annual NSW Meet - Paddys River Dam May 24-26th

    That makes sense
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    4th Annual NSW Meet - Paddys River Dam May 24-26th

    Just checking out the Snowy River Councils website and found that the Paddys River Campground has been closed for rehabilitation due to being vandalised hopefully the rehabilitation is finished by May
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    Rear recovery point when tow hitch seized into receiver

    Actually you also get the rear wiring harness rear ECU for the trailer interface to car systems ( goes behind the right hand rear panel above the wheel) also it comes with a plastic plug which blocks off the back of the hitch tub to stop the dust coming in, not sure why they they don’t fit that...
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    4th Annual NSW Meet - Paddys River Dam May 24-26th

    Sounds great and not far from here, just one question why no domestic pets? Camps Australia indicates that they are allowed or is this more a 4x4earth ruling? fine if it is just wondering why
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    Burrendong dam down to 7% Old ruins popping up everywhere

    I visited the dam back in the 80’s and the dam was full, a few years later the dam level dropped drastically and the plane was found, was quite a shock when I found out that they had found a plane there
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    Personal EPIRB

    We have the GME epirb, (later renamed plb by someone with too much time on their hands), have had it since 2010 test button works fine, had to change out battery when expired date came around, no hassles local mob sent back to GME new battery fitted and retuned with a new warranty. It stills...
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    That’s a big hole, not sure I would have the intestinal fortitude to do that
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    National Road Transport Hall Of Fame, Alice Springs.

    Unfortunately if the NT goverment does not get its act together it may not be there, check out story at for all the story
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    New forum look.

    Great new look, very happy with layout and colour :cool:
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    Fridge cable dramas

    I have just ordered a metre length of this only cost $57:00 delivered from Victoria
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    Chassis Paints

    You could try POR products saw a demo at a car show in Sydney and it seems a good product John M