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    Tim Brooke - Taylor

    Sad. Loved the Goodies, I missed this news, worse still the corona getting him, before vaccinations were an option.
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    Land Rover defender vs Ineos Grenadier New 4WDs for Australia

    It seems all 4x4's are getting 'soft' - IMO. This may be some in the 'market demographic' wanting to 'look' like they are adventurous for Coles and Woolworths car parks. But perhaps this is the way the market is going toward, who I am to question? At the end of the day it is about sales and...
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    Need a place to go to get away from the city.

    Yalwal NSW, 2.5hrs South of Syd. Just West of Nowra. Free camping @ Wombat Flats. Good 4WDing country. Bush camp, no amenities at Wombat Flats, but campgrounds nearby like Coolendel Campground on the Shoalhaven river or Grady's Riverside Retreat, which will allow you to take dogs. This...
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    New Member?

    Did I miss something? Noticed stasis is 'new member', no while I'd like a new 'member' seems 2012 rego is still 'new', right? Or has post count changed or something for members status?
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    New member

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    Talbotvile Gathering

    hahaha... yeah I am here, a bit of a lurker on the forums, who just happens to turn up to any VIC High Country gatherings.... Are you from the South Coast, Barra?
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    Running around all whacked off of Scooby Snacks...

    Running around all whacked off of Scooby Snacks...
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    What's between Melbourne and Perth?

    This is the nice place to camp on the way through. Big granite outcrop with a dam
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    What's between Melbourne and Perth?

    The last roadhouse before Norseman (& bypass Norseman), Balladonia Raodhouse, take the dirt road on the left (due South) opposite the Roadhouse and follow it through to Esperance. You can get down to the beach, at Esperance, then decide which way you wish to take up to Perth. It will take you...
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Not long now... We will be there on Wednesday, looks to be a bit of a wet Wednesday. Have to leave Saturday :(
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    Ultimate campers join the que

    Another great Aussie company at risk of going to the wall... :( sad on all accounts, a small rural town taking a big hit for employment and supporting local business and manufactures...
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    Reverse Camera's

    I use 'Safety Dave' gear. Australian quality. High resolution, vibration and waterproof. I've got one on the back of the wagon and the camper, with the big screen mounted inside the cab. worth a look ==>
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Went to the 9th, missed the 10th so will definitely be at the 11th!
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    Which High Country trails with a Camper - June Long weekend

    A group of us is going to High Country this weekend. I've been the High country before, but not towing a trailer through there, also I am not familiar with these tracks. For those that know the trails - would you recommend doing it with a camper, looking at it being wet/snowing. This is the...