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    Things to put in your First Aid Kit

    I do not argue with this in any way. There are first aid courses for drivers. I got the necessary base but I hope it won't be useful to me))
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    Hyundai are entering the game

    I have never understood those people who evaluate SUVs by their appearance. I prefer looking under the hood in this case. Even if you take motorcycles as an example .. I have an old Yamaha (a gift from my father). It doesn't look as cool now as many modern bikes. But I only look to ensure that...
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    Corona virus

    Statistics speak not only of frequent neurological disorders but also an increase in the incidence of thrombosis in adults and children. By the way, this can have an impact on cognitive function if it blocks important vessels.
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    Things to put in your First Aid Kit

    A regular kit is never enough when it comes to using. It's easier to ask someone who has a lot of travel experience in your area and immediately complete the first aid kit.
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    Hi All,

    Hey! I'm new here too))