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    Coffin Bay - Lincoln National Park. SA

    Hi mate, you'll find the Coffins Caravan Park fairly safe, the regulars keep an eye on things. In saying that make sure you zip up/close up properly for the day if you're going out as there are unsavourys in every town. Along the coast towards Point Drummond and Sheringa can get breezy like all...
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    Best Bull Bar for 2017/18 Colorado LS Dual Cab

    ARB works well on mine, the wildlife don't seem to like it when they play chicken though!
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    Jayco Swan OB Anderson Plug

    Hi all, asking for a mate who is keen to buy a jayco swan OB. I know the quality of these things isn't great so not looking for a blasting on that front today. Does anybody the jayco outback range set up with an anderson plug to charge the batteries while travelling? Talking to...
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    Kimberley Kampers - where to buy bits?

    Thanks Colly. Heard any more news on the prospective buyer in the last couple of weeks? Be sad to see it go forever.
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    Kimberley Kampers - where to buy bits?

    Hi all, now that KK is going going gone...any ideas if I can buy similar accessories (awning walls in particular) from somewhere? Has anybody heard if the company has been bought & planned to restart?
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    2012 NW Platinum Paj - the good/the bad?

    ...on the plus side I'm now pricing up a new GLX model - see how that stacks up.
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    2012 NW Platinum Paj - the good/the bad?

    Thanks for the advice hiluxdriver, letsgoplaces & underdog. It turned out being a nice looking rig, had been serviced (basic oil & filter only) and cleaned up nicely. However I noticed a pretty serious scrubbing/rubbing noise on the test drive. Stopped and had a closer look at the tyres and...
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    2012 NW Platinum Paj - the good/the bad?

    Hey all, I'm off to look at a 2012 NW Platinum Pajero tomorrow. The rig has 70,000 kms on it and according to the dealer is 'in really good nick!'...(to be taken with a grain of salt I say). Just wondering if anyone can offer some experience in what to look for (specific to the Pajero's). My...
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    Kimberley Kamper kids room

    Hi guys, has anyone had experience with the kids room that zips on the back of of the standard tent on the Kimberley Kamper Classic? Is it worth the money, we have two young grommets and need the extra space but no-one around me has this setup for us to look at. The KK is actually my parents...
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    Cavalier offroad camper trailer with exras

    Nice looking rig Brian, pity you're not in SA we're looking for something similar to this.
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    Camper Trailer purchase is imminent...need some advice please

    Thanks Swaggie, I did scan over this thread earlier today, hope I havent said anything I shouldn't have. Cheers
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    Camper Trailer purchase is imminent...need some advice please

    Thanks Thanks for the advice discomatt. We've been looking/researching for about 6 months now and slowly narrowing down the search - a bit like you, we want to get the right camper for 'us' but also something that won't fall apart the first time it ventures over some rough ground. I just had a...
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    Camper Trailer purchase is imminent...need some advice please

    Hi guys, I've been researching camper trailers for our family (wife + 2 trouble makers) and looking for some advice from someone well educated in this field. Our budget is up to $8000 - would like something with an annexe/second room, and preferrably a sink and water tank, any other features...
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    1998 Toyota Prado Turbo Diesel - thoughts?

    Hi guys, I have owned a 1995 Landcruiser ute and 1997 80 series wagon in years gone by but now looking at a Prado (details below). Would be interested to hear anyones thoughts on the car, kms, things that may go wrong, good/bad experiences. 1998 Toyota Prado TZ, Turbo Diesel, auto trans...