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    Adelaide to cape york and back to gold coast. Down to grafton to broken hill then adelaide awesome trip.

    Total cost $6500...$2700 for diesel. Ate out on cape a few caravan parks for washing clothes and showers to keep the girls happy.. issues on trip were ..lost 1 rear wheel nut. Tighten roof racks and front spotties 2x..clamp on intercooler hose broke..rear diff leaked on old coach rd but tighten...
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    Add as to list brian ....i will book the week off
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    SA 2019 Annual Meet.

    Good weekend except for the dust
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    SA Annual Meet 2019.

    Put Aly and I in as very probable will have to check with work tbanks
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    Kreekbed Kroozin. 18,19,20 August

    Hi guys i wll go next weekend i now have it off will go fri 330 at bp
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    Colossal Creekbeds, 26, 27, 28th August.

    Hi Brian, sorted rear end, new dobinsons shocks and new air bags , new rear rotors, handbrake shoes checked. Had fuel regulator replaced. Ready to road test at hopes.Thinking 530 rose worthy
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    Colossal Creekbeds, 26, 27, 28th August.

    Put us down brian, haven't being anywhere for a while, need to sort rear suspension.
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    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet - March 2017

    Put aly and me on possible list cheers
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    Finders Ranges tour, Anzac weekend.

    Hi Brian can u add aly and myself as a possibility, we would go fir come back monday cheers anthony
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    We have fri and sat booked , non powered. See u there guys Ant and Ali
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    Land Rover Defender 110 2013

    Nice rid I am envious, like the colour also
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    landrover defender 2.2 lt ford engine

    Im planning to travel around oz in around 5 years time, I have been looking at the defender as a touring rig. They will be more affordable by then, I hope. Anyone driven one or knows someone with one, good points bad points etc. I have d2 td5 now which I hope will get me through to them, cheers
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    Adelaide, 2000 ti 4500 gu

    Sounding out query, a friend of mine has gu, spots , alloy bullbar, leather trim with 180kms. Sadly her husband has passed away. I fielding what price range for her to sell it. Any ball park figure, ? 180kms , top condition Thanks in advance guys I was thinking around 12000
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    Simpson Desert - July 2015

    Great write up boys, fun trip
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    Red Centre 2015

    Great trip les, I will copy my photos and we can trade pics. I have fixed headlight and changed coolant hose, gearbox issue will have to wait. Great trip overall, thanks Ziggy and Helen, Steve and Doody, Les and Anne.