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    New LR Defender in 2020

    Careful Matt, I have seen a fully kitted Touareg and I have no doubt it could go very deep in 4wd areas. I heard/read the same comments about my Great Wall, and I soon shut the doomsayers up. I have seen pics of D5 at Nuremburg overtaking a AMG Merc or some other suped up car and they could...
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    New LR Defender in 2020

    I dont have a picture of my compomotive 18" on my D4, but the gap between the disc brake rotor and the inside of the rim is less than 1cm, on the front wheels There does seem to be a larger gap of the same two surfaces on some photos. I could not believe that LR would be putting in smaller...
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    New LR Defender in 2020

    Matt from what i have read once they replaced the 2.7l with the 3l V6 the larger calipers were put on the front wheels. It did not matter what the spec was TD, SD or HSE all have the bigger brakes.
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    New LR Defender in 2020

    I am on the AULRO web site and read it every day and have read everything possible about the D4 and especially about air suspension.. True LR are on their own with air suspension faults because no other mainstream 4WD has air suspension!. But having said that, there are VERY VERY FEW issues and...
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    not a Great Wall x240 2010

    What are they trying to flog your for, Dennis. Like yours, I wonder how it ever got a roadworthy, given the lift, the bigger tyres, the chopped cover for the middle seat belt in the back. Mine sold at Grays Auctions for $4500, and the guy in Qld paid $7500. Some Vehicle testers give...
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    not a Great Wall x240 2010

    As far as i know there are only 2 very modified X240 great walls. Dennis (this topic) and traded his car in recently and his car is Black, and mine which is now located in Qld which is silver. They are a cheap 4wd as long as you dont want tow anything. Person who has mine was over the moon when...
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    not a Great Wall x240 2010

    Which State?
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    Cape York

    No thats Sydney in the rear mirror heading any way but East!!(unless in a boat!!)
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    not a Great Wall x240 2010

    Good on you Dennis. We had some great fun doing the mods. As you know I traded mine in and I thought it would never pass roadworthy either but some bugger in QLD bought it and it still drives around. I left a whole pile of spares as well as notes on what had been done to mine, and after about 6...
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    Air Compressor

    There are VIAIR units and VIAIR units. It comes down to duty cycle and volume per minute at set pressures. All these unit rate 150ltrs per minute but that is at no load. Some VIAIR units are really not suitable if you want a lot of air. In my previous car i had a 10ltr tank attached to a 420C...
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    Catch cans aint Catch cans

    Having a diesel Landrover, I thought I would install one but it seems very hard to find one for a D3/4 or infact many people who have installed one. It seems that for a LR people do a remap and shut of some sort of valve and that fixes all the problems. If thats the case for a LR why it is not...
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    4x4 to tow with and camp in

    Quote "You will need to do these mods to any vehicle if you wish to keep a reasonably level ride height when towing." Not with a Discovery 3/4 with air suspension. If you can advise your budget etc then you will get some (mostly) biased personal answers. Eg mine!!! If you want comfort...
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    Kingoonya to Gawler Ranges planning

    There are also some dedicated camp stops with limited facilities. The station is rentable from the department. When I was there last year, I cannot remember nay facilities at the homestead other than for people who would stay there.
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    Can a Porsche cayenne be a good 4x4 ?

    Depreciation is only an issue if and when you sell the vehicle. It gets to a point where the cars value flattens out. So buying a $20,000 Porsche it is not going much further south in the next few years. As the OP is interested in 2nd hand, depreciation is not an issue for him.
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    Leyland Daff Vans Utes (LDV)

    Like Jacden, I had a heavily modified Great Wall. I found it quite comfortable and much quieter than my partners Mazda 6. At the end of a 1000k day I was tired and knew I had been driving. The Disco is just heaps better. Quiet, smooth and after a 1000K trip, I feel I could do another without a...