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  1. Dirty Rang

    Current status of Stockton Beach?

    Isn't that all the time?
  2. Dirty Rang

    Outback NSW QLD christmas trip

    Alby is the Darling River Run on tracks or is it just dirt roads? I've been hearing a few people talk about it lately. We are wondering if it's worth a run down to check it out.
  3. Dirty Rang

    Budget GPS Shroud

    Somethings are too good to throw away.
  4. Dirty Rang

    Budget GPS Shroud

    Thanks for the ideas guys. I'll grab some white vinyl from work and stick that on it too.
  5. Dirty Rang

    Budget GPS Shroud

    I was out driving today and my iPad mini that I use for navigation started overheating (34* and sitting in the sun will do that), so I decided to make a shroud to give it a bit of protection. I had this stuff lying around. A couple of cuts, some staples, a few bends and some more staples and...
  6. Dirty Rang

    Track 2 - Snatch Strap Recoveries

    This reminds me of a couple of brother I watched a video of as the tried to recover one of their Landcruisers. It was comical. I thought it was a spoof.
  7. Dirty Rang

    Tracking mates.

    Thanks guys. That's awesome. Exactly what I'm looking for. Some people don't like Find Friends cause they can be checked up on anytime. This app seems to just work when you send out a location. Is that correct?
  8. Dirty Rang

    Tracking mates.

    We all have that bastard mate that leaves us waiting for them at the start of the track. Is there an app that lets you track where they are? I'm using an iPad mini 2 and I know you can do it with Find Friends if they are using Apple but are there any other options?
  9. Dirty Rang

    Who Is At Fault??

    The arrows before the roundabout show both lanes can turn right so he has to stay in his lane. Sucks to be him.
  10. Dirty Rang

    Hema vs VMS vs iPad mini

    Thanks Les. I'll let you know if I'm heading to the dark side.
  11. Dirty Rang

    Hema vs VMS vs iPad mini

    We mainly just do local tracks (Brisbane/Sunshine Coast) but we also do at least one bigger touring trip for a couple of weeks every year.
  12. Dirty Rang

    Hema vs VMS vs iPad mini

    These look the goods too. There are way too many choices.
  13. Dirty Rang

    Hema vs VMS vs iPad mini

    How much memory does the Hema app use if it's saving all the maps? Is there a better app for state forests?
  14. Dirty Rang

    How long do you have to be a member before you are not classed as a New Member.

    Is there guide somewhere for what activities get what points?