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    Macalister river track

    Cool. Thanx heaps for the reply will see how we go. Dan...
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    Walhalla Thomson state forest

    Hi guys. I am looking at heading into the walhalla area tomorrow. I have never been and unsure of tracks that might be a little out of my league to tackle. (I am only a beginner/intermediately set up 4x4 driver) I am looking at having just an easy day to explore the area as I have been told it...
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    Macalister river track

    Hey barcher, I am looking at heading out that way tomorrow but never been and am so unsure of the area. I have gps to help me guide the way. I am looking at doing some real intermediate tracks with possibly a river/creek crossing or 2 with nothing too hecktik as I do not have a snorkel or huge...