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    melbournes 4wd training and proving ground in werribee

    A training course is a great start, teaches you the basics and the correct way to do things, but in saying that , nothing beats experience and getting out with like minded ppl. You can learn a lot from your fellow 4wder's
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    my new old 85 swb nb paj

    After killing my 80 series in a water crossing that i have done numerous times, lesson learnt dont assume that the crossing hasn't changed, I have bought my self a very tidy 85 swb 2.6 paj. rebuilding all the front end/steering getting it ready for a rwc. Im slowly Transfering items from...
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    VIC - new Goodyear Wrangler MTR

    VIC - new Goodyear Wrangler MTR 285/75r16 ITEM DETAILS - 285/75r16 Goodyear Wrangler mtr on 80 series landcruiser rim + 2 spare rims ( rims are not new) CONDITION - new, never touched the road been on tire carrier PRICE $300 ono LOCATION Traralgon CONTACT 0448 883642...
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    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    The show I helped make is missing from there lol but then we where just in vic
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    Burgoyne gap track

    thanks for the reply, sounds like it will be ok for our club trip on australia day
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    Rollover - It can happen this easily - Take care over the Xmas Break

    The main message is take it easy, taking extra time to get somewhere will not kill anyone. Glad to hear that no one was hurt. We can all our 2 cents worth about what happened, yes speed was probably part of the cause, but by the cars actions just before the accident, im thinking maybe a tyre...
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    Burgoyne gap track

    Just wondering if anybody has done this track recently and can tell me what the river crossing is like pls ?
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    hd front oil seal

    im just wondering if anybody has any experience using these inner axle seals. they look the goods
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    Getting spare wheel on and off roof.

    You could use something similar to a wheel chair hoist you see on some cars
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    Recovery hitch confusion

    I have never seen that sticker before. Looks like its made from a solid peice of metal, and I take it the shackle is rated. But if in doubt, always use a winch dampner when doing any sort of recovery.
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    Show Us Ya 80

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    Lights on or Lights off???

    i always turn my lights off as i have cracked lens before, night drive in vic in the middle of winter. Im looking int the possibilitys of running an over ride switch so i can turn my roof lights without having the headlights on, but they will still work thru the high beam for road worthy
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    Names to faces please

    I would, but would break the camera
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    WALHALLA TRIP: 22-24 Nov

    Looks like I wont be able to make it, kids gymnastic club is having a fund raiser
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    Radiator coolant

    some redline water wetter helps