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    Quit Smoking Using Champix

    Hello, just thought i might do an update on this thread and my status. Last entry was April 17 2015 and a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. A marriage seperation and property settlement will certainly slow up any 4wding, so much so that, i dont own a 4wd anymore (Hyundai...
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    Mazda Rims & Khumo Muddies

    Set of 4x Mazda SDX Bravo rims with Khumo 80% Muddies No centrecaps or wheelnuts Pickup only. Location: Kings Park Vic Price: $400.00 Ring or SMS 0478 908 320 No forum messages I'm not here enough now.
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    who knows what we are eating these days

    Here's a bit of info on Basa fish
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    Urgent help reqd -'Dalyesford area

    Just Awesome Kyle, Thankyou so much.
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    Urgent help reqd -'Dalyesford area

    My mistake - last 3 digits - 064
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    Urgent help reqd -'Dalyesford area

    Coworkers hubby is stuck in the daylesford area, winch cable snapped, snatch straps snapped . If anyone is able to help please ring 0408 327 064 - talk to Kelly his wife. Im unable to help, few beers too many, my son is the same - hope someone can help Thanks in advance if you can help. Cheers...
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    Meaning Behind Your Username

    Christopher = Chris.Stoffa , just phonetically different - Stoffa is my nickname - There is a story how it actually came about.
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    Stickers - Who dun 'em

    If possible could someone pm me the info on who,what where how and cost of getting the "Take it in Take it out" stickers please. Looking for sticker suppliers for a club. Thanks in advance Chris Stoffa
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    Newest member of our family

    Just a qwik one, If Justin continually bleats (as they almost always do) get him another goat as a companion, they are a herd animal and quite social so they get lonely unless he adopts the dog or cat as a companion. They can drive you nuts bleating continually. :mad: Besides you end up with...
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    10 Common 4WD mistakes and how to avoid them

    Hihlux Driver , Nicely handled ;):D
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    R u ok?

    Muc, Attend the meeting, with a third party ( male or female, it doesn't matter,) just make sure they are well dressed and are very good at taking notes, shorthand is good, on yellow notepads if you can get hold of some of them. Only introduce that person as a friend, by first name only and have...
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    I think a puddle killed my ride

    Not when he would almost touch my earlobe and cause the spark to jump to my ear. Try it sometime, it's like being kicked in the head.......nothing f#€#%&* funny about it in the least, let me tell you !
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    I think a puddle killed my ride

    My old man would test the spark by wearing gum boots, holding a spark plug lead and then touching me ( who was touching the car) I could then absolutely attest to the fact that the spark was sufficient.................and that my old man had a twisted sense of F%#&*# humour !!!
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    Dick Smith Electronics situation

    I would suspect that as the card has no value under the terms of the administrators that it could be considered theft......... I'd also suggest that it would be a brave move to try it on, I rather take my chances with the administrators than a magistrate who would look at it legally, although...
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    Strange Unexplained Noise

    nave no fear, Hillary will solve the problem for you, indeed for us all Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promised to use her presidential powers to uncover the truth behind Area 51 and UFOs should she be elected President of the United States...