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    DPF cleaner

    Doesn’t matter if you are using cleaner or not you still have to get it to regen. On your car that is over 60 kph and over 2000 rpm for 20 minutes. This info is freely available. A scan tool just mimics that but you can just lock out overdrive and go for a spin. There is no magic additive that...
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    Len Beadell's tracks and caravan

    The original dmax is now one of their camera vehicles, you’ll get a side shot of it every now and then. The vans are just pure product placement. Because they change them out has zero to do with how a trailer survived or not. I know the original forward fold MDC trailer they used with the boat...
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    Len Beadell's tracks and caravan

    It’s a pity Willem K has passed, and isn’t on EO. I can imagine the reply.
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    Big canvas tents from a bygone age

    Just spotted these pics while looking for something else. Pardon the quality but it’s about 1979. The PMG Ute and the whole camp with the Copeland canvas tent and the blue tarp area which was a kitchen by day and sleeping area at night. Location is awinya creek on Fraser Island’s west beach that...
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    Should I fit a roof rack?

    As above. Cross bars and removable J racks are the go for carrying kayaks. It takes 5 minutes to install the J racks. There’s 2 sea kayaks in the pic.
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Yes it’s a Hipcamp property, just called Emu Creek. About 25kms up the blackbutt rd from crows nest. The pic doesn’t show it well but the camper is parked right next to the creek bank. Heaps of downed she oaks after the last big rains. couple more pics. I’ll find a link on the weekend if you...
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    a couple of weekends back at Crows Nest sausage sizzle, adder rock, north Stradbroke island the sube doing sube stuff. It constantly amazes me. Youngest child mouthing something like “mum is going to kill you…..” Well they shouldn't have put a switch called X-mode then if they didn't want me...
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    Help me understand how Solar is cheaper at home.

    I have one of those. Getting him to move out of the warm spot is when the fight starts haha.
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    INEOS Grenadier.

    The manufacturers need to have a VHS vs BETAmax fight and see who’s battery pack is the best, standardise and make them removable. Then EV drivers can simply swap and go and there is zero wait time. Semis will just have 10 of the same battery pack etc etc. That way they can be charged at a...
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    The BIG Question

    Exactly. The kid in my pic above is a ranga and has a decent dose of ocd. You think we have pussy footed around it or given him a harder time than normal? There is nothing anyone can say to him about being a ranga that will set him off because he has already heard them all from his father and...
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    Fridge prices - ohhh my!

    compressor type : National Luna approved ?? Have they changed? Given how long a decent fridge lasts I don’t see the extra $1k as being too expensive. They do look a cut above anything else in the market. I’ve made my bed with the 2 evakool dual zones that I have and I am very happy. Being RF...
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    When to pull out or change plans

    Not a huge fan of mud. I lose my fongs in it.
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    Time for a new PLB

    These theoreticals could continue ad naeseum as they always have and will. I am ex AMSA, I know how they work. When shit hits the fan I want a PLB/EPIRB activated every time. Sat phones are brilliant also, no question - they compliment each other. And for people who like facts over theoretical...
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    Time for a new PLB

    It is a quandary. Press the button on the PLB and it gives your location - even if while you move, and directs the rescuers to you conscious or not, has a guaranteed run time and doesn’t need a subscription. Sat phones are great but if death is in play the PLB is what I’m reaching for first...