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    Flat Roof rack - which brand

    I tossed and turned between the Front Runner and the Tracklander. Ended up going for the Tracklander full length flat rack. Can’t fault it. Does what it’s supposed to do and it’s good and strong. I do like the Front Runner racks though... only went with Tracklander as they’re just up the road...
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    New member

    Welcome. You’ll learn quite a lot here. I sure have! If it were me, I’d start with a decent set of tyres. Anything other than that is specific to your intention.
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    Hard shell rooftop tent - Practical question

    I’d be careful about going overweight on the roof. Or anywhere for that matter... Roll the vehicle while being overweight up top. Insurance company will bail out right quick.
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    Inverters - Not all the same?

    I’d have to agree with @Chatty. I’m no expert... but redarc vs. kings in terms of quality is no question. Redarc all the way, you pay for the design and quality for sure, but you also pay for customer service as well. From what I know redarc are straight onto any issues that arise with any of...
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    Head unit recommendations for 90 series Prado

    I installed a Sony XAV-AX3000 in the missus Kluger. They’re on sale at the moment. It’s a pretty simple unit but it works well and there isn’t much lag. Apple CarPlay as well as Android...
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    Camp Table

    I ended up going with the lifetime 5ft bi fold. The legs aren’t adjustable so the design is ALOT more solid. $50 at anaconda on sale. Cheap and cheerful. Had it out for a camp last night and it did what it does. 4 legs and a flat surface. No wobble. @boobook thats definitely the way to go. Mine...
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    Camp Table

    What camp tables are you guys running? I’ve liked the look of the lifetime bi folds with adjustable height, but after having a look at them I don’t like the wobble. I could come up with something to brace it but I’d rather just have a stable table right out the box. Any suggestions on a good...
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    I’ve got the Sailun Terramax A/ts.. quiet and have held up pretty well after 20000kms. Minimal wear. Nothing extreme as far as off road tracks I’ve done with them but they seem pretty good. Put me back $170 a pop.
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    Fridge wiring size help please!

    Yeah that’s my logic. Dometic put it there for a reason, although I feel that’s to protect the fridge from dodgy wiring that may or may not be fused. Common sense isn’t really that common these days...
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    Fridge wiring size help please!

    I’m currently running a 100ah deep cycle under the bonnet. 3m run of 6mm twin core to an older waeco fridge outlet unit that has a ciggie and merit socket. 20 amp fuse at the battery. I’m removing the waeco outlet and replacing with an Anderson. The main reason I want to fuse the fridge side...
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    Fridge wiring size help please!

    Just reviving an old thread instead of creating a new one... Question on cables and fuses... I’ve picked myself up a shiny new Dometic 55l fridge... looks to be the goods. Going to clip the ciggie plug off the end of the power cable and replace with an Anderson. What are suggestions on the...
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    Keeping a Baby Warm...

    I'd like to thank all of you who have contributed to this post. A lot of great replies and some solid info and experiences. The general consensus seems to be to just layer them up... which is what we are going to do. Not over think it. The first couple of trips will be 1 or 2 nights not too...
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    Welcome mate, plenty of info, advice and opinions to be found here!
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    You serious!
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    Keeping a Baby Warm...

    Greetings all, Seeing as a lot of the members that post on here from what I can tell are fathers... I've got my firstborn expected to join the missus and I early June. Doing some homework on how to keep the baby nice and toasty warm during the cold nights while camping. During the day I...