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    MN seat swap

    Greetings Just wondering if anyone has done a front seat aswp for their MN. Wife’s not comfortable in passenger seat on long trips anymore Thanks
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    Cockburn 4WD Club (WA)

    12 months old but going strong. Family orientated. Open to all 4wd vehicles and experience levels. Check out You’ll also find us on Facebook and Instagram.
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    Mitsubushi Triton 4wd light flashing in 2wd

    Later models are known to have issues with the 4wd solenoids behind front rh wheel on sub frame. They cause all sorts of issues from flashing lights to no or constant 4wd. My MN did it when it split the vac line in really sh1ty crud. Luckily i just shortened the line a bit by cutting off the end...
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    Auxillay Battery MN Triton

    Here’s what I have in my MN. Second battery is just a buffer for the winch and something to power some of the accessories. I plan to install a deep cycle battery with dcdc charger in the back, to run fridge and rear accessories. N70 as a starter (rear one) and n50 as second. Sitting on ARB dual...
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    Rated recovery points,

    I’d be asking the manufacturer. On their website it looks like the bar has built in loops for recovery. Worth the question before going much further
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    Howdy all.

    I've had my MN triton since new, coming up on 10 years. It has never let me down yet. I used to work for a Seismic exploration company so she has seen some hard work and rough country. I've been involved with 4WD for nearly 40 years, going back to the Leyland Brothers and Malcolm Douglas. Some...
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    Triton Advice

    Only effects vehicles with genuine fitted tow bars, not every vehicle.
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    Rated recovery points,

    looks like you have lpps built in under the bump stops. Can these be used for recovery?
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    Rated recovery points,

    All my gear is ARB. All had to do way cut 20mm off 2 small tabs to make it easier to remove thr front plate. Could have left it maybe, but its done now.
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    SA, VIC Border track

    It's partly closed I got this from a SA4WD Assoc member. I can't gett he formatting right, but you'll get the gist of it. What’s open, what’s closed at Ngarkat Date posted: 31 March 2014 Come visit, explore and stay a while, and you too will be drawn into Ngarkat Conservation Parks...
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    SA, VIC Border track

    border track Greetings all. Looks like this has gone quiet. I assume the track is open again now that the fire season is officially over? I'm looking for a relaxing trip, just to get out of the big smoke. Not as many areas to play here in SA as in WA See you out there