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    single 285 75 16

    need a 285/75/16 muddy or allterrain for a spare. preferrably from brisbane or seq coast, need to pick up this weekend! contact 0417629264
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    MT or Cooper ???

    stt's are shit, they crapness has been covered in a thread not to far down the list from this one
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    Bigger tyres for Prado 120

    you wont be able to fit 15's on a prado, i bet my last dollar that the callipers are too big for it. might be able to squeeze 16's tho. i'd say with a 2" lift you would be able to JUST squeeze them under, my dad is running 32's under his with a 2" lift and it is cutting it pretty close to the...
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    staun doesnt sell them anymore. some supplier distributer problems i heard
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    4.5 exhaust whistle

    how about an exhaust system................ :eek::rolleyes:
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    Best muddies on road?

    km2's. but do a search as this is covered in nearly every "what tyres should i buy thread"
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    Cooper STT . Good ? Bad ?

    you wont look back if you decide to get a set of KM2's, theyre absolutely awesome.
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    Cooper STT . Good ? Bad ?

    the only reason people think coopers are decent is they watch lord roothy the messiah run them in 4wdaction and constantly rave on about them, they get such a plug in that show people are brain washed into thinking they are good tyres, its simply not the case. good to hear that my comment...
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    torsion bars

    you will need heavier duty torsion bars or itl sag badly and ride like shit
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    Gu suspension lift in Qld

    pm replied to vertical
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    VIC - IPF Spot Lights, FREE to good home.

    hey mate il take em off your hands and pay the shipping plus a little your way too. call me on 0417 629 264 after 6 sometime during the week and il give you my postage details cheers josh
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    Patrol 4.2TD, v 4.5l v 4.8L

    4.8 lots of power but sucks the juice so bad that im selling mine, out of the 135L tank it has i can just get 650klm wich is very average. around town i will spend about $10 a day doing my rounds to work and back which is only 12klm!!!!!!!!!!!! the 4.2 is more expensive and very prone to...
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    Maxxis Big Horn (Maxxis comp test write up)

    i wasnt implying that you put that up for promotional purposes, i meant that it reads as if maxxis made that read like a promotional story.
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    Maxxis Big Horn (Maxxis comp test write up)

    hmmmmmmm sounds like a promotional plug to me. no doubt that bighorns are a great tyre for the price you pay. but what isnt mentioned is the vehicle they are on, the engine and power its putting out etc. a set of ht will clear mud if they are having 1000hp put through them spinning upwards of...
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    Cooper STT . Good ? Bad ?

    in what world is a stt better than a creepy crawler??? thats a competition grade tyre your comparing to a cheap ass made to a budget piece of sh it!. this is just bullshit at its greatest. the only way a stt would have beaten a creepy crawler is if they werent mounted on rims and the crawlers...