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    Time for a Delica.... Some good info here. Finding a high top LWB model in the diesel was hard. The newer models are definitely a superior buy depending who you ask , but the cost makes them a less favourable vehicle for import and price point to the...
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    Time for a Delica....

    Still a very special spot in my heart for them, But I ended up picking up a '99 GU Patrol with the TD42 and all the toys for a ripper price. Is registered as a 2 seater, all the rear seats removed, and in the midst of planning out a setup to maximise the space with full length storage.
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    Nissan Navara d22 Factory Dual Battery conversion help

    For a simple cheap setup, all you need is a simple dual battery isolater/Volatage sensitive relay/solenoid. The more "advanced" types have ease of linking etc if you need to jump start. Redarc, Projecta, NARVA, god forbid KINGS make them. Then combine with a yasau/century deep cycle(or your...
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    Nissan Navara D22 STR - Poor fuel economy and loss of power up hills

    How many Kay's? After eliminating any boost or hose issues: Buildup of carbon is a big one in these engines, as @Belfy82 mentions, taking the manifold+EGR off and having a look you may be surprised. Test the NPS (Neutral Position switch) by flicking the "Heat" switch at the drivers right knee...
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    The Daily Bargain And Deals Thread

    $999 for the Engel Retro 45L at tentworld
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    5th Annual NSW Meet - Barrington Tops May 1-3 (Cancelled)

    I'll pop by Sunday arvo, see the stragglers.
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    Is a 4WD Trip leader legally responsible for the conduct of a 4WD Trip?

    Kicking back to my armchair approach, they would potentially sue for damages based on negligence- 4 items need to be satisifed: 1. Was a duty of care owed? Can be simply established as a road user, a road user has a duty of care to others. But what if the incident occurs while not driving a...
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    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    We'll ensure there is a sambuca ban next year.
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    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    you caught me :D:D Crocs and all.
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    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    Change of plans, driving down Saturday night, arriving Sunday Morning at McKillops Bridge, I'll make sure to brush the icicles off you boys and girls.
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    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    @billolga Will only be able to leave Sydney Sunday morning at this rate, so hoping to tee up with you lot on at Jacksons Crossing on Sunday night, Driving to Buchan via road then taking Buchan Obrost Rd in. If I'm able to escape by Saturday night then we may travel over the night and arrive...
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    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    Coming 2up this year for a world first. Better get the fridge wiring fixed. Will roll in sunday night in usual swamp fashion
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    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    Tentative yes with a buddy. Knowing usual form, I'll lurk out of the shadows, only the squelch of crocs to be heard, and hightail after a few days.
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    4th Annual NSW Meet

    Wouldn't be like me to stay more than a night! Hopefully I can find my way to the Vic meet a bit easier :p Awesome to see the team again (If I could remember everyone, I don't think I've seen many of you in daylight for an age)