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    G'day all.

    Hey Matt, certainly looking forward to our next jenga session mate, been far too long between drinks, cheers mate.
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    G'day all.

    Yeah just flew in 2 days ago mate. Cheers for the updates, looks like I have some reading to do. Thanks mate.
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    G'day all.

    Cheers mate.
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    G'day all.

    G'day everyone. Been away from the forum for a while but am back now . Looking forward to possibly catching up with a few old friends and maybe making some new one's too. Will be keeping an eye on proceedings aswell but know your all usually well behaved so this should be easy. Cheers all, BD.
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    The Covid jab , will you take it ?

    Yeah nah I'm right for now thanks.
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    4WD heaven, there is one isn't there ?

    Holly Molly Les, glad you, and the older;) folks are ok. Whip those sportier and lightbars of it for the next one. She made some great memories for you but think it might be goodbye to the ol girl mate.
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    Drawers vs Storage crates

    I like, and use drawers in my 100.
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    New Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Overlander Build

    Nah can't afford one of those, or the chop and canopy mate. Wouldn't mind chopping the 100 tho, oneday.
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    The kings 270 awing

    I've got the kings 270 and have to admit it been pretty good so far. Only used it a hand full if times but can have it set up in a minute or 2, and pack up takes a little longer. The quality seems ok but the main hinge at the back where it all pivots from is a little flimsy imo compared to...
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    Madness at stockton beach

    The dukes of hazzard would be proud of that effort. Epic launch, bad landing = ruined Lexus. Social media all over it = bad result for the 4wd community.
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    So who is going where as the lockdown is lifting?

    SA outback last week was very quiet, beautiful weather and no crowds made for a great week away.
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    Latest reports sorted guys, thanks for your efforts.
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    Been lied too

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    Conspiracy Theories:

    The cure for cancer has been around since the 60's but wont be realeased as there's to much money to be made from treatments, gov research grants etc rather than paying for a one off cure. The Nixon gov banned the use of marijuana as they new it would cure most ailments, and still will today...