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    Not just Tracks, but major roads as well!

    Iv been on way better dirt roads than many of the blacktop ones in SA. Drewswb is on the money with his suggestion.
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    Of course your allowed Col, would be great to have you along for the lwe and fantastic to catch up mate, I'll add you to the list.
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    Language on the forum.

    G'day everyone . It's been bought to mods attention that a few colourful words are slowly but surely creeping back into forum posts . Now we've been thru this on a number of different occasions and feel you guys know the rules, yet in some circumstances decide to disregard them, which is not on...
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    Excellent stuff mate.
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    RIP Greedy Smith from Mental as Anything .

    Sad indeed. Saw then a couple times in the late 80's, great pub band. RIP
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    Got the Bug

    We put 2 inch lift and 30mm coil spacers in my 80 when we first got it 15yrs ago mainly for the reason to give more clearance to the lpg tank. It worked well for the last 13yrs but the tank bash plate still got bent outa shape over time. My son has had the 80 for 2 yrs now and hads taken the...
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    Sand 4wd / camping close to Victoria c.pdf...
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    Sand 4wd / camping close to Victoria

    Awesome stuff. You can do the drive from canunda thru beachport, little dip and robe in a day if you wanted to. The dune system west of beachport is epic fun. Geltwood beach in canunda is usually the most notorious with steep cross angles and normally super soft sand, 12psi and momentum are your...
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    Sand 4wd / camping close to Victoria

    Google wattle ranges 4wd club, they have a free download of maps and poi's for robe beachport and canunda np. From canunda np to pt McDonnell there is good camping but that whole coast will be busy that time of yr. As Swaggie said, picanninnie ponds is worth a look too, good beach access but...
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    Is a 4WD Trip leader legally responsible for the conduct of a 4WD Trip?

    I tell friends with a similar interest, and experience I'm going driving in the bush. It might be for 2 days it might be for 10 days, if they decide to follow me thats great as i enjoy their company and banter when out there. If things turn a bit pear shaped then we decide the best course of...
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    NSW Crew do Vic

    Great vid and pics guys, looks like you had a ball. Nice moment for Mr Run, also for the minute silence, great work.
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    2020 4x4earth Calendar photos - March- Beach Driving Photos

    42mile crossing, heading for the Murray mouth. SA.