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    Madness at stockton beach

    The dukes of hazzard would be proud of that effort. Epic launch, bad landing = ruined Lexus. Social media all over it = bad result for the 4wd community.
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    So who is going where as the lockdown is lifting?

    SA outback last week was very quiet, beautiful weather and no crowds made for a great week away.
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    Latest reports sorted guys, thanks for your efforts.
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    Been lied too

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    Conspiracy Theories:

    The cure for cancer has been around since the 60's but wont be realeased as there's to much money to be made from treatments, gov research grants etc rather than paying for a one off cure. The Nixon gov banned the use of marijuana as they new it would cure most ailments, and still will today...
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    Best Eyre peninsula campsites/tracks/views?

    Sheringa ,west of pt Lincoln is a nice spot. Camping behind the dune next to the carpark offers good shelter, has long drops and is camper trailer, cvan friendly. The dune system is incredible and the beach is usually stunning. Good fishing is also on offer. There is a track that runs kinda west...
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    Conspiracy Theories:

    I think covid19 is all a plandemic and the easing of restrictions is only to help encourage phase 2 of the virus to kick in because they haven't infected enough humans yet to fully enforce their NWO agenda, which is coming. The clones and reptilian leaders are not happy with the death rate yet...
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    I normally don't
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    The decision was made to cancel 2 months ago mate. As much as I hated having to do so we had no choice in the end. If interstate travel restrictions had be eased with the latest gov announcement then maybe we could have still run the event, as it is for all members. Our interstate friends are...
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    Nah not gunna happen this year now, sorry folks.
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    Will you download the government tracking app?

    Hmmmm, NO. I don't want them tracking to one of my favorite, secluded , not well know camping spots when this is all done and dusted.
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    Corona virus

    Opinions can be expressed in a civil manner, just as your free to express yours mate, but foul language is not tolerated on the site. If you take offence to anything posted your free to report it and let the mods deal with it mate.
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    Corona virus

    Had to clean up a few posts in this thread due to inappropriate language. I know the whole covid situation frustrates the hell out of us all but please refrain from using inappropriate language in your posts. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. Cheers.
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    Easter Weekend Get Away... if you were allowed to go.

    Should have been at Mt Ive station for 5 days checking out hats on offer there, plus some of the Gawler ranges and lake Gardiner but bat flu put a stop to that.