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    Grease Advice

    Molly is for sliding parts like suspension ball joints. Never put it in wheel bearings unless the bearing manufacturer says to use it. It can cause the balls or rollers in the bearings to slide instead of roll. Trying to get one grease for everything may not be good idea. Have a look at the...
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    New Member

    Have a look through the site. I tried to post the link but I kept getting an Elvis link that I used yesterday so I don't know what has gone wrong. They have about twenty videos of small convoys travelling everywhere from the Victorian High Country to the...
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    GVM upgrade

    Have a look through the " RV Books " web site. In addition to being able to buy many books, it contains a lot of information on towing and stability. Take notice of the section on understeer / oversteer, tyre slip angles, front to rear slip angle ratios and the use of a weight distributing...
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    GVM upgrade

    You will definitely be overweight. A GVM upgrade may make it legal but there could be a big question mark hanging over its safety and reliability. Don't forget everything you put behind the rear axle is sitting on a lever i e. the distance between the axle and each piece of material that you...
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    Gday all

    Just a thought while you are working on this car. Do you.know if the engine timing belt has ever been changed?
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    Gday all

    That should be easy enough. Tell us as much as possible about it and we should be able to help.
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    Gday all

    What are you trying to do to it and where do you intend taking it?
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    Hilux wheel size

    I bought a 2003 LN 167 in 2007. I still have it and have put 160,000 k's on it with the standard size 205 x 16 tyres. I started with its original split rims then changed to standard 16 inch Nissan Navara wheels from around the early 1990s. They widened the track by about 7 mm from memory so...
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    VE Commodore seats into RG Coloraod

    Back around 2002 or 3, I put two VP Commodore seats into a L200 Mitsubishi single cab ute. They had to be approved by the local engineer who checked all the hot rods and other modified cars. They were very easy to install securely and it took him about five seconds to pass them. He completed...
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    practicality of hovercraft

    I wonder how you would give one a GVM upgrade and a two inch lift. They would be useless in the bush without them.
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    Looking for thoughts on suspension upgrade - 2012 Triton

    Just don't over do it with too much weight, particularly at the rear end. Your 140kg on the car tow ball plus the weight of the tow bar has already put over 200 kg on the rear axle due to leverage i.e. the distance between the tow ball and the axle. My wife and I started with a small caravan...
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    Looking for thoughts on suspension upgrade - 2012 Triton

    After reading your first post, you have me wondering why you need a suspension upgrade. 140 kg on the tow ball and not much in the tray sounds like the car is nowhere near its maximum load. Where do you intend driving it? If it is in deserts then the secret to a safe and breakdown free trip is...
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    I just had a look at a cyclonic on Safaris web site. They are the same as Donaldson's pre cleaner. They would have the same problem of getting air up into them at high speeds. They would work at not much more than walking speeds on mountain tracks but not on very well on faster open dirt...
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    I put a snorkel on one of my cars twelve years ago. You would be surprised how much dust gets into it, even in suburban areas. Dust often rises. The best conditions for a snorkel to collect a lot of dust is in a convoy on a road like to the Birdsville Track but convoys on mountain tracks...
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    vent window rubber / seal help LN106 HELP!

    Have you tried Rare Spares? Their catalogs list seals for some Hilux utes that are earlier than yours but you never know, they may be about to release later ones.