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    Off road licence endorsements

    That could certainly help but a Government inquiry into caravan design should come first. There are far too many with too much heavy material located up high inside, on the roof, behind the axles inside or hanging off the rear end outside. To make it even worse, many have trailing arm...
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    Ideal tyre pressures

    When you decide on a pressure, you could try "branding" the tyres to see if they are wearing evenly. Heat a small flat head nail to red hot and touch each tyre lightly about six or seven times in a straight line across the tread. Check them regularly and you will soon see if anything is wrong...
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    Mansfield police again.

    That reminds me of a senior ambulance officer that I knew years ago. During a discussion about car accident statistics he mentioned the accident rate with ambulance drivers and told me about the time in his younger days when the top brass decided to send all ambulance drivers to an advanced...
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    Mansfield police again.

    The law is not garbage. The problem is the amount of prison cells they have to work with. Back in the days when I worked in the system, gaols were always full and still are today. The number going in each day closely matches the number going out. I used to occassionally look at the annual...
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    if you live within reach of a large family orientated 4wd club then I suggest you join it. These types of clubs usually have driver training courses, they have trips all over the country and the members have every type and make of car that you could think of. That will make it easier for you to...
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    Mansfield police again.

    If you were to put professional drivers into that car and a standard version then run them around Mt. Panorama at the posted speed limits, you would soon see why the Government and police don't want the modified version on public roads.
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    No issues with weights for a 200 series

    They should not have any problems. They have obviously had a double GVM upgrade.
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    Road handling on bitumen - slip sliding along.

    What has happened to you reminds me of a similar incident that I saw about three years ago. I was walking in light rain towards a two lane roundabout on a major road full of traffic. A modified Landcruiser came in at the same speed as the other cars. When it was half way around the rear tyres...
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    New 4x4!

    Our current touring Hilux was ex Government. It came with split rims and worn out tyres that were a lot older than the car. I bought new standard size Goodyear Wrangler TG tyres and Michelin tubes for the split rims, then bought second hand Nissan wheels and new standard size HT tyres. The...
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    1993 toyota landcruiser 80 series 1hzf 4.5 petrol over heating problems

    Why did you start with those parts? Were you just guessing? If so then starting that way can get very expensive and still not solve the problem. There are a lot of things that can cause overheating and some are not in the engine. Way back in the days ( 60 series and earlier) when I worked...
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    Tyre repair options

    As I said first post, ring Rema Tip Top in your State. They know all the tyre repair services that use their products and what type of repairs they do. At my last home north of Sydney, they gave me the phone number of their mobile rep.for my district. He turned up in front of my house...
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    Tyre repair options

    Have a look at the endless amount of tyre repair equipment for tread, shoulder and side wall patches and plugs for everything from push bikes to mining trucks on the Rema Tip Top web site then contact them and find out who does major repairs in your area. They will most likely be supplying the...
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    Another spare tyre, in case………

    I have only once carried two spares and that was on a Holden. I drove across the Nullarbour years ago when most of the SA side of the road was unsealed and littered with damaged tyres and buckled wheels. They all came from excessive speed. I got the second spare for the return trip but did not...
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    They do slip, that is why they are called Limited Slip Diffs.
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    Need help selecting prado for 1st time tour around AUS.

    Where do you intend going and what type of road conditions do you expect to find? You may not need a 4wd let alone a modified one. Back in the mid 1960s, I drove over many dirt roads and tracks in the far west of NSW. The car was a stock standard 1955 MG TF sports car. I had no problems at...