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  1. Heath Jones
    Heath Jones
    Enjoying The LC79 life. Loved my 75 I had , the 79 may not be as rugged but it’s just amazing!
  2. Jaidyn
    Is there such thing as to much mileage on Diesel engines imparticular the 1HZ? Or does it all come down to how it’s been treated?
  3. Lavers 76
    Lavers 76
    Loving my 2016 Landcruiser
  4. D3N1AL
    D3N1AL Boots33
    hi boots, any chance i could get a copy of the letter you sent to holden about your colly engine, ive been strung along for over 6 months now, ive been in contact with holden directly and they basically said what are you hoping to acheive here, i said i want it fixed, now im being ignored
  5. Trehus
    Trehus ronje
    Hi Ronje the will the actuator work on an Automatic .
  6. Seane
    Hello from woodhill. Just about to shift to this great state from Victoria. Me & the wife fell in love with this state many years ago.
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  7. Phil20
    I'm a keen 4wheeler and bush historian, and a 4wd journalist and author of WA bush history.
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  8. wanderinaussie
    in Canada returning to Aust in sept '18
  9. Mk05explorer
    Mission objective - conquer mayford spur track & straddle the fallen logs
  10. rogerazz
    Life is full of hurdles, you just have to keep jumping them.
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  11. Cameron Davies
    Cameron Davies
    Always leave a place cleaner than you found!
  12. trevor jones
  13. MatRug
    Live life one day at a time.
  14. MatRug
  15. Ryan J Scott
  16. Muddled
    If anyone Has any tips on Sydney - Uluru let me know on my thread in Trips! Cheers all
  17. Rodeolyf
    First time learner gotta start somewhere
  18. Mk05explorer
    Exploring Endlessly
  19. doggcruiser
    Hello everyone its my first time modifying a 79 want to lift it 3' on dobinsons suspension and 17" wheel can i use 315 on a stock axle
  20. doggcruiser