Range Rover Club of Victoria

Club Description

\"It\'s not about the cars, it\'s about the people\"  That\'s the RRCV motto

Australia offers so many wonderful opportunities to explore such diverse landscapes. The four wheel drive uniquely allows you both the freedom and the ability to do this in comfort and with relatively little effort.

If you haven’t yet ventured off the bitumen you are missing a distinctly Australian experience. Taking the first step can be a bit daunting as the skills and equipment required to make your journey a safe and enjoyable one do take some time to acquire.

Our club has a pool of accredited instructors who can take you from zero experience through an enjoyable process where you acquire the skills and confidence in your vehicle and yourself to make four wheel driving a great and healthy part of your family’s lifestyle.

The Range Rover Club is all about the people. We will always make you feel welcome, are happy to share our experiences and knowledge with you and give you the opportunity to participate in a variety of trips. As I write this you could be away in Cape York, have just come back from snow camping and cross country skiing, be about to head away to Kilcunda fishing and bike riding or exploring old mine relics in the Thompson State Forest. These are just some of the trips we run and you don’t have to book in months ahead!

We don’t have cliquey groups and we don’t go out to damage our vehicles but we will keep you laughing, enjoy sharing a red with you around the camp fire and show you parts of Australia you never knew existed.

Please drop us a line or come along to our next meeting and see for yourself what we are all about.

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