Overland 4WD Club

Club Description

The Overland Four Wheel Drive Club of SA was first established back in 1975 as the Landrover Owner’s Club of South Australia. We believe one of the first four wheel drive club to be registered in South Australia.
The Club name has evolved through a number of changes which clearly reflect the changing nature of the club. Firstly to the Landroving Club of SA and finally to the current name - The Overland Four Wheel Drive Club of SA Incorporated.
In days gone by you had to own a Landrover to become a member, but today ownership of any four wheel drive is a great start.
The objects of the Club are:
to promote the responsible recreational use of four wheel drive vehicles,
to provide and encourage training in the safe and responsible use of four wheel drive vehicles and associated activities,
to organise and conduct touring, social and other activities which are beneficial to members,
to promote good fellowship amongst all road users.

Club Features