Nissan 4X4 Club of Victoria

Club Description

The Nissan club was formed in 1975 to engage in and promote four wheel driving as a recreation. From those beginnings of some friends with G60 Patrols, we have grown to a well organised group of over 200 memberships, (most of these families).
The club organises four wheel drive trips from one day and weekend duration to extended ones, social events, driver education programs, clean-up weekends and working bees.
The club also has its own ~80 acre property in the Heyfield region few hours drive east of Melbourne, which members can use at their own leisure.
The property has showers, pit toilets, and many social drinks, and stories are regularly told around the campfire.
All the water run off from the roof of both buildings is run off into tanks for storage. This is used for taps, showers, and the clubs own fire trailer. Being in a remote area such as Bulldog Junction, we needed something small for emergencies.

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