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Great place to get away from the grind of work. 30 46.102 S  138 38.101 E Only 540 km north of Adelaide in the heart northern Flinders Ranges, Warraweena encompasses 355 sq km of the highest and most diverse land in the area. It is an area of historical, cultural and natural significance. Warraweena Private Conservation Park offers a range of experiences for all visitors.

Access to Warraweena is via Beltana Roadhouse.

The homestead is approximately 50 minutes away from Parachilna and Leigh Creek. Fuel is at the Beltana Roadhouse Monday to Friday 8am to 5 pm. Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5 pm. 2WD access to homestead and some campgrounds. A high clearance 4WD vehicle is essential on some tracks

Warraweena boasts over 250 km of rugged and scenic 4WD tracks to suit all skill levels. Driver experience in steep country, and high clearance 4WD vehicles with a dual range gearbox are essential on most tracks. Some of the best 4WD experiences in the Flinders Ranges are:

Half day tracks: Old Coach Road, Old Warraweena, Black Range spring/Mt Hack, Nantiburry Spring
Full day tracks: Mt Gill track, Cockatoo-Dunbar Loop trac, Old Angepena Goldfield track, Coppertrack - to Blinman

Bookings are essential for all tracks. Conditions apply. Gate keys, maps and track notes are supplied.

Old Coach Road
Difficulty rating: Moderate. Distance: 40km loop track

A 40 km track that follows an old government road which was constructed in the early 1890's, great historical monuments and spectacular views.

Cockatoo Dunbar Loop Track
Difficulty rating: Moderate to hard. Distance: 55km loop track

Only high clearance 4WD vehicles with dual range gearboxes are permitted on this track. Please stay on the track at all times and be aware of oncoming station traffic. This track is a loop track over 50 km long. The track starts and ends at the homestead. The Cockatoo Dunbar Loop gives access to Cockatoo hut as well as Dunbar hut. The huts have fireplaces, rainwater tanks and long drop toilets. Please do not enter the huts if they are occupied. The track meanders around Mt Stuart, along creek beds, through numerous gullies, wash outs, jump-ups and steep downhills. The track goes through a variety of landforms and habitats in the highland of the Flinders Ranges, the highest point of the track is over 700 m above sea level. The track offers great views, spectacular valleys, rugged four-wheel driving conditions, and a chance to experience a diverse range of fauna, flora and landscapes.

Mt Gill Track
Difficulty rating: Hard Distance: 36km loop track

A 36 km drive through narrow creeks with steep slopes to the heights of over 900m above sea level with breathtaking views. This track is not suited for the faint hearted and requires a high level of 4X4 driving skills. One of the best tracks in South Australia. A must do if you are in the Flinders Ranges.

Old Angepena Goldfield Track
Difficulty rating: Moderate to Hard Distance: 67km loop track

This 64km track passes through 4 neighbouring stations. It allows experienced 4WDers to recapture many secluded secrets such as Old Angepena ruins, Lively's Goldfield, Pinda Goldwash and offers many other magnificent treasures along the track.

Copper Track
Difficulty rating: Easy to Moderate Distance: 67km/Blinman, 77km/Parachilna,

This track connects 3 historic copper mines, Sliding Rock, Nuccaleena and Blinman mine. This is a one way track that follows the old road that once connected Sliding Rock town with Blinman in the 1870's. During this period Sliding Rock had a weekly mail coach connection to Adelaide. A short leg off the main track also leads to Nuccaleena mine. The track starts at Sliding Rock and passes into Moorillah Station then roughly follows the boundary fence of Warraweena and Moorillah through Glasses Gate with panoramic views over Lake Torrens to Mount Samuel, the ABC Range and Wilpena Pound.

The track is an alternative route from Warraweena Conservation Park to Blinman and Parachilna. However if you are staying at Blinman, Angorichina Village or Parachilna and wish to experience the Copper Track just head to Warraweena via Beltana to pick up the key and track information. This track offers great views, a historic setting and a chance to experience a diverse range of flora, fauna and landscapes.

This drive was established in partnership with Moorilla and Moolooloo Stations which belong to the Slade Families.

Conditions apply on these tracks, bookings are essential. Keys, maps and track notes are supplied.

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