Telowie Gorge

Campsite Description

Nice gorge with yellow footed wallaby. Two small camp sites. Telowie Gorge Conservation Park is about a 2 and half hour drive north of Adelaide, not far from the town of Port Pirie. If you follow Port Wakefield Road to Port Wakefield, then continue along the A1 until just before the turn off to Port Pirie. Here you will find a sign indicating 'Napperby" to your right. Follow this road to Napperby then on to Nelshaby. There will be signs posted indicating the route to Telowie Gorge.

Telowi Gorge is part of the Southern Flinders Ranges and it is quite an extensive range of native bush. Telowie Gorge is part of the Conservation Park and is a beautiful gorge, with running water, steep rock faces and lush native bushland. A walking track meanders along the bottom of the gorge and ends about 1.5 k's in. It is possible to walk further, but experienced walkers only should venture well past this point. It becomes very disorientating here, with other gullys and lesser gorges running into the main gorge, making it easy to take a wrong turn.

The camping area is set about a kilometre back from the car park at the head of the walking trail. It is very, very basic camping with only two sites. Both are just a bare patch of dirt set amongst tall trees. They are both set back from the road and offer a little privacy, although they are not particularly well screened from one another.

Campsite Features

No Site Fees
Non 4WD Access

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