Tanjil junction camp sight

Campsite Description

Can see sandy beach for camp sight from bridge across river. Fits 3-4 tents or can squeeze an off road camper trailer into with a bit of manual positioning. Very dusty with a bit of crap left from people too lazy to take unwanted rubber matts and bottles out with them. Unlikely to get visitors as it is a bit of a maze to get to the sight including rocky hills and small water crossing. Plenty of wood available for fires. Fastest access is from moe which is a bit easier for soft roaders. Can see bridge crossing (approx 20m) from sight but takes 30-40 mins to get to buy road, or swim it in 2min. At join in rivers with main river being only 1-3 feet deep and from join down flow picks up dramatically for serious rafting.

Campsite Features

No Site Fees
Water Available
Open Fires