Stringybark Creek Camping Reserve

Campsite Description

This is an excellent camping ground, especially if you are interested in doing the Ned Kelly Touring Route. It's accessible by 2wd and there are plenty of sites to set up camp or park a caravan.
The campsite itself is situated in the Toombullup Ranges, around 35km North of Mansfield accessed via the Tatong–Tolmie Rd, before turning in to Stringybark Creek Road.

There is a couple long drop toilets which are in great condition, and several fire pits, tables and a picnic shelter.

From the camp ground you can take a walk on a track through the forest which is sign posted with directions to the Kelly Tree, the Ned Kelly Shoot out site and the old Gold diggings area. On this track is also the day visitor area which has picnic and wood barbeque facilities.

Also note there is no electricity or water in the camp grounds.

Campsite Features

No Site Fees
Non 4WD Access
Open Fires

Campsite Images