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Lincoln National Park is located 13km south west of Port Lincoln. Access is via Proper Bay road. National Park entry camping fees apply Campsite with no amenities but a nice view. Track into site is a one vehicle track not suitable for for caravans unless smaller offroad type (eg Kimberley Karavan). Call into the Port Lincoln Imformation centre if you are in the area they are very helpfull. This park may be closed on days of extreme fire danger Gas fires are permitted other than on days of Total Fire Ban. Small campfires are permitted in all campgrounds in designated fireplaces (with the exception of Memory Cove and Surfleet Cove campgrounds), and on the beaches, (below high water mark level only), provided that: it is not a Total Fire Ban Day, wood has been sourced from outside the park, an adult is in attendance the fire is extinguished before departure.

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