Shirley Shearing Shed Campground

Campsite Description

The Shirley Shearing Shed Campground is in the Moorrinya National Park.

The actual camping facilities are very sparse with the designated camp sites on mown areas between tall grass out in an open paddock - that is there is no shade to be had under a mulga tree.  There is a modern wet composting toilet, but you'd best bring some toilet cleaning gear if you intend on using it.  Other than that, you have to be self-sufficient.

Judging by the skinned carcass of a roo in the sheep pens, best take your the sand flag, with light reflecting tape, that you took to visit the Simpson Desert so that when the roo shooters flash their spot light around, they know not to shoot in your general direction.  Yes the grass is that tall and can hide your tent.

Also, be on the lookout for snakes – while I didn’t see any there at the time I visited, it sure looks like snake country.  So the rubber thongs are not your best option for safety foot ware in that environment.

If you can manage the courage or you are wearing a full protection suit to guard yourself against the snakes, there is Bullock Creek down-hill from the campsite.  I am sure if you dig a bit or you go in the wet season, you’ll find some water down there.  The creek is the greenest part around.

The Shearing Sheds and Shearer’s Accommodation are great and you can potter around looking at the various bit and pieces.  If you like historically interesting sites that are Shearing Sheds, this is the place for you.  I really enjoyed just looking around.

Other than having a look around the old sheds and yards, you might find the interest level fall a bit after that.  You might like to go out there and bond with ya mate Dougie or spend some quality time with the family, I’m not sure if there is anything else out there that would fill in the day light hours – night time is likely to be spent getting up and flashing car light to let the roo shooters that you are there because you forgot your sand flag; or regularly checking the tent doors to see if the snakes have figured out a way to undo zips.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy my time out there; but do not expect much more than a bush camp where you cannot light a fire.  This is the country where the “stars” fairly blaze at night” and if you want some time out from the rat race, then go there.

Well if that has not turned you off about going there, here are the directions.

The turnoff to the camping ground is well signed with a typical National Park sign for Moorrinya and is approximately 200km North of Aramac and 80km South of Torrens Creek.  It is approximately 16km along a dirt road to the actual campsite from the turn off.  When you are on your way into the campsite, the well kept Shirley Station homestead is on your left (cannot miss it); but you can miss the a turn off to the campsite on the right about 300m from the homestead.  The campsite is then about 10km from this turn off.

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