River Island Nature Retreat.

Campsite Description

This venue, located on the Wollondilly River, boasts a few more facilities than does Wollondilly River Station such as pools, SPAs, shop, cooking facilities, cabin / van accommodations, powered sites, real toilets and showers. These facilities mean that there are more activities for those not wanting to be a part of the driving. Two things here you’ll need to be aware of here is that this venue is described as ‘Nudist Friendly’ which means if you stay there you will encounter naked people, in fact you can choose not to get dressed that’s fine to and secondly they have restrictions on campfires so rather than sitting by the fire of an evening recounting the days activities you’ll need to settle for a few drinks around the pool or in the SPA, something we had no problem adjusting to. The four wheel driving to be had at River Island is varied to say the least with river crossings, sand, rocks, hill climbing, scrub and all in a range of difficulties to suit all levels of experience and vehicle. This said not all vehicles can go everywhere. On one recent visit a Rav 4 attempted to cross a river that was a little to deep for it. Suffice to say the vehicle will more than likely not see the open road again. The area offers such diverse conditions that it is used by some 4X4 magazines to do their vehicle tests as well as being the venue for a number of off road events and a four wheel drive club even has a property in the area. The area would also be more than suitable for club events and introductory training for new members Have a look at their website for more details.

Campsite Features

Non 4WD Access
Water Available
Drinking Water
BBQ/Cooking Facilities

Campsite Images