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This ancient Petroglyph site is situated in the remote hills of the Ophthalmia Range, the art site is a vast gallery of carvings on a boulder strewn hill. The carvings (petroglyphs) are actually undatable, but the boulders are said to be in the tens of millions of years in age.

There is a rock shelter (a site of scientific significance) in the Newman area that has been researched and dated for human occupancy as far back as 27,500 years ~ the Martu People who are the custodians of this part of the Pilbara know of the Punda petroglyph site, but they have no real story or timeline to connect to it, so it can only be presumed to be pre Martu People history.

This petroglyph site is of great significance not only in a cultural sense but also as a pre European recorded historic site ~ it truely is a humbling experience wondering as to how important the messages carved in rock were to the carvers and to the people who relied on them for information tens of thousands of years ago.

Access to the PUNDA art site is relatively straight forward from Newman along the Marble Bar/Nullagine road to the YANDI turn off, this requires travel along the BHP Billiton rail access road a permit is required and obtainable from the Newman Visitor Centre ~ YOU MUST have this permit and you must show the permit if requested by a BHP-Billiton representative as you are actually travelling on a privately owned and maintained road on a mining lease.

Travel along the rail access road until you come to the PUNDA art site turn off, this is a well set up sign and the rest is follow your nose navigation into the hills.

The track is very sandy in places, corrugated, overgrown and washed out due to seasonal weather influences, the area is genuinely remote so you need to be totally self reliant for all your needs, there is a deep well at the last creek crossing one hunderd metres before the cleared area at the art site, this well is at the base of an old water tank ruin, it is unfenced and often polluted by dead animals.

The track into the art site is not overly difficult but if towing a camper trailer you will need to be guided through the rocky out crops, or risk damage to the vehicle/trailer.

High clearance dual range 4wd reccommended, definately no non 4wd's.

There are no facilities and fire wood should be carried in if you intend having a camp fire.

Be aware the area is home to Mulga snakes and Dingos.

Google Earth map down loads are ok, maps from the NVC are questionable but free ~ just ask for them.

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