Parachina Gorge

Campsite Description

More of an area rather than a single site.  Just pick a shady camp alongside the unsealed Parachilna -Blinman road close to the creek.  Right in the heart of the Flinders Rages and easy access to many of the nearby gorges.  This section of gorge is not within the National Park, so no fees apply.  Angorichina village only a few kilometers up the road for services and facilities - toilets/showers/caravan park/mechanical services/fuel/tyre repairs/supplies/accommodation.


The gorge is the gateway to the north of the Flinders Ranges and Outback region. The gorge is known for its spectacular scenery and its spring wildflowers. Emus and Kangaroos can be seen amongst the plains and visitors can climb the great red sand dunes.

Campsite Features

No Site Fees
Non 4WD Access
Dogs Allowed
Open Fires