Leigh Creek Caravan Park

Campsite Description

From the Web site : Caravan Park was originally built in 1980 specifically to accommodate contractors in the region either involved in relocating the old Leigh Creek or in the production of coal. It was never designed for tourists or holiday campers. In the years that followed the township of Leigh Creek South went through many changes. Once the mine was privatized the running of the town began to change also. Outside companies began to run the local catering and hospitality industry. This meant the caravan park was also in their care. Unfortunately due to the old "Red tape" it was uneconomical for the caravan park to have the attention needed to make it attractive to the touring public.On 27th September 2002 "The Leigh Creek Progress Association" took over the running of the park. All bookings, yard work, general maintenance, administration and cleaning is done on a voluntary basis.

We found it to be a nice clean Park with good amenities, make booking at the Mobil Servo.

As you head into Leigh Creek Township first Rd on Right & the servo where the bookings are taken is a little further down on the Left

Campsite Features

Non 4WD Access
Water Available
Drinking Water
BBQ/Cooking Facilities
Open Fires

Campsite Images