Hickman Meteorite Impact Crater

Campsite Description

The Hickman Meteorite Impact Crater is situated around 35 kilometres (straight line) from the Pilbara town of Newman,the Crater was discovered in 2007, by Dr Arthur Hickman.

This is an Astro Geological feature and only the 30th confirmed crater in Australia and only 173 such craters World wide.

The Crater is claimed to be between 10,000 and 100,000 years in age and it is almost a complete structure ~ simular in physical size as the M.C.G in Melbourne.

The region in which the Crater is situated can be considered as remote although mining active tenements surround the Crater, access to the area is via mining lease tracks and a valid BHP-Billiton rail access road permit is required and YOU must be able to produce the permit on request, permits are available from the Newman Visitor Centre. Mud maps are available from the NVC but a note of caution ~ the maps are very unreliable.

The Crater does not appear on any map in production to date, GOOGLE EARTH has the most relevant map information and GPS fixes for the crater, please note even these are several years out of date as mining exploration tracks exist on the landscape but not on maps/Google earth.

The Crater access track is well defined, steep rocky sections of the track can be negotiated with due care even if towing a camper trailer this is a dual range high clearance four wheel drive track ~ you will require LOW RANGE on several sections of the track ~ YOU must be fully self sufficient in every aspect for the duration of your stay ~ there are NO FACILITIES.

Campsite Features

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