Fort Grey

Campsite Description

This campground is located in the western part of the park among the sand dunes and near the shores of the ephemeral Lake Pinaroo, a Ramsar site. A walking track with information signs starts at the campground and leads into the lake bed. You may see red and western grey kangaroos, and lots of birds and reptiles. You'll also learn something about the Aboriginal and European history of the area. A visit to Fort Grey and Cameron Corner, at the junction of the Queensland, South Australia and NSW borders, involves at least a 280-km round trip (if backtracking) - a full day's drive. Driving via the Middle Road (4WD only) means the trip will be approximately 330 km. There are informative signs at Cameron Corner, where you can see the dingo fence, the longest fence in the world. Wood fires are not allowed here.

Getting there: The campground is on the road to Cameron Corner.

Water supply: This campground only has untreated bore water.

Campsite Features

Non 4WD Access
Water Available
BBQ/Cooking Facilities