Flinders Beach Camping Ground

Campsite Description

This camping area is for four wheel drives (4WD) only as it can only be accessed by driving along the beach. A 4WD permit is required. The cost of an annual 4WD permit is in addition to the camping fees. The beach permit costs $33.00 and it lasts for 12mths. You can't drive on any of the beaches on Straddie without one.


You can access Flinders Beach at a couple of different locations but I prefer to drive through Amity Point and travel down the beach to my favourite campsite. Another way you can go is to head down the end of Flinders Beach Drive and follow the signs. Straddie is great like that it's fairly well signed so you know where you can and can't go.


Campsite fees range from $14.00/day - $19.00/day depending on what time of year you book. All campsites are 6Mx6M and are behind the foredunes and designated with blue tent signs. There are 200 sites only on Flinders Beach and bookings are essential, particularly at peak times. 

The only facilities on Flinders beach are four Clivus Multrim (composting toilets) located at tracks 3,5,7 and 9, so bring everything you are going to need for this back to nature camping experience.  You can enjoy the vast expanse of pristine sandy beaches whilst camping amongst the rolling sand dunes.  Dogs are allowed but only on a leash.






Campsite Features

Dogs Allowed