Dawson City

Campsite Description

If you zoom in you will see Dawson City Track heading west and east in two seperate points to the left.  The camp is between them.  Camp next to the Haunted Stream and enjoy the babbling or the stream as you go to sleep

Quiet little area and isolated 40 minutes to Swifts Creek.  The camp is situated at the beginning of the haunted stream track wih its 54 fords. 

if you head south on the track allow about 2.5 hours till you are back onto the Great Alpine Road.  Then head north on blacktop back to swifts creek for lunch at hotel or bakery then back to camp via Brookville LPG Deisel and Petrol available in Swifts Creek. Total time of around 5 to 6 hours depending on how leisulrely your lunch is

Campsite Features

No Site Fees
Dogs Allowed
Water Available
Open Fires