Darlington Park QLD

Campsite Description

Darlington Park is situated about 95km south of Brisbane, just outside the town of Beaudesert. The main road you take to get here runs straight through the camping ground (Bitumen).

As of 10 - September - 2011 the cost to camp here is $6 Per person Per Night. (this is ticketed so be honest).

There are flushing toilets, running water (not drinkable). 2 Big bins for rubbish. There is firewood avalable to purchase for $9 for a wheelbarrow of chopped wood. As well as a small Ranger station kiosk with water, snacks, bread, icecream etc.

It has a small river with running water. A deep swiming section on one side, and a small rocky section to paddle in. You could bring a small tiny if you wanted, but nothing bigger. 

There is no lighting here so bring a torch. Virtually no telephone service but the radios work fine.

All n All i'd say this is a beautiful relaxing camping site, with basically no noise apart from the wildlife you would normal hear.

Campsite Features

Non 4WD Access
Dogs Allowed
Water Available
Drinking Water
BBQ/Cooking Facilities
Open Fires