Carcoory Water Hole

Campsite Description

Carcoory Waterhole is a great place to bush camp in among the Gidgee trees on your way to or from Birdsville.

This is near the Carcoory Ruins is North of Birdsville.

If you are a fan of Slim Dusty, and his song "By A Fire Of Gidgee Coal" or you just like to role out the swag to sleep under the stars on your travels, this place is for you.

You will need to be totally self sufficient with everything.

Again, you need to way up the risks of camping in a dry water way - rainfall somewhere else in the catchment could fill your restful night under the stars and turn it into a scenic boat trip (or submarine trip). So beware.


Campsite Features

No Site Fees
Dogs Allowed
Open Fires

Campsite Images