Bough Shed Camping Ground

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Bough Shed Camping Ground at Bladensburg National Park is a bit of a gem.  The waterhole and weeping gums over the water demand respect and reverence from the traveller visiting this peaceful oasis.  Yep; I enjoyed camping out here.

The Bough Shed Camping Ground, while feeling quite remote, is still close to Winton.  This is blessing and a curse.  If you’ve forgotten the sugar for the tea, then it is not too much of a trip back into town to pick up the vital supply.  Also, there is enough mobile coverage to get a text message out to family to let them know you’ll be staying there for another week (forget about updating your Facebook page from your iPhone).  However it is just close enough for some of the locals to come out and play on their motocross bikes (you know, the 2 stroke screamers) or to drop in a crab pot to catch some red claw in the morning.

The night I was there, the sun set, the blazing night stars and sunrise were a treat to behold.  Real sawg on the ground stuff.

National Parks say that the wildlife here is very good ...... they are right.  Heaps of birds and 'roos.  Also, there are a number of interesting features to visit in the park like other waterholes, the old homestead and the wide, open, flat spaces (how on earth sheep found enough food here is hard to fathom!).

You have to be self sufficient here.

National Parks got the camping sites right on this one.  All the sites are shady and not out on the baking soil.

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