Billy Grace Reserve

Campsite Description

Billy Grace is one of several camping areas around the Wee Jasper.  There is a small river where you can fish (General Trout Stream) or swim (sort of).  Mostly pretty shallow water.  There is a large open camping area which is quite flat or you get down closer to the river where the ground is a little less even and a bit harder to drive tent pegs into (river stones buried in the ground).

Fires are allowed in provided fireplaces (movable).  Wee Jasper itself (about 5kms away) has pub and a school but not much else - the General Store was closed down as of early 2010.

Toilets are conveniently located near the main camp area but the showers are a bit of a hike.  There is a small playground for the little ones as well (past the showers).  Fees are very reasonable.

Campsite Features

Non 4WD Access
Water Available
Open Fires