Lake St Clair

Campsite Description

Good little get away campsite that Ive been to a few times now, just north of singleton, easy to get to and is accessible by all types of cars. sealed roads the whole way.
Massive area, however can get a little crowded around popular times. (public holidays, long weekends) however the crowd really only affects the amenities block.
has 2 amenities blocks, cleaned daily by cleaner. however if it is a busy period, you need to.. time your use well, otherwise you can be waiting for a while for a shower or to use to toilet (3 toilets and 3 showers for males.. cant vouch for the chicks sorry)
caretaker sits in a bus on the top of the hill, and they do regular patrols policing things like bottles at camp sites, dogs running riot, noise, and just general housekeeping.. grog is OK, however make sure you have a bin or something of the like to keep your site tidy, otherwise they get cranky.
the lake is massive, and there is ample room for boats, skis, tubes etc..
a lot of the bank is on a slight slope, worse in some areas. things to consider in a tent etc.
some basic details:
11 Powered sites and unlimited bush camping
Electric and wood fired BBQs
Hot showers (shower blocks are small, and crowded in busier times)
Toilets (as above)
Boat Ramp ( the bank is also flat enough for you to launch a small tinny, or a jetski without having to use a boat ramp.
Fishing licenses are available from the Lake St Clair caretaker.
All the finer details and way to get there are on this pdf. I tried to cut and paste it, but i came up sideways!!

Campsite Features

Non 4WD Access
Dogs Allowed
Water Available
Drinking Water
BBQ/Cooking Facilities
Open Fires