Track Description

Moderate, 30km to 100km

This track was found by mistake. It hadn\'t been travelled in what looked like at least 12 months. Definately high clearance vehicles only mainly because of the steep, sharp decents that will tear off your rear bar. There are rocks, mud, swamps and a wide fast running river to cross toward the end. Please note that this entire section of track is a \"dry\" area so absolutely NO alcohol to be brought in or heavy penalties apply.

Track Features

Sharp Rocks
Steep ascents/descents

Track Images

Driver Track Log

2010-08-08Nissan Patrol This track is great!! Towing a camper made a little more fun. The Roaring Meg Creek is a BIG creek and flows fast. Check for depths and big rocks in the creek. Track starts at the end of the Bloomfield track and comes out in the middle of the Creb track.
2007-09-17Toyota Landcruiser Excellent fun & a bit of a challenge in the wet season or after heavy rains.. Nothing to too excited about with regard to views & sight seeing more a 4wd trip imo..
2013-01-18Nissan Patrol Dry
2014-11-13Toyota Landcruiser to do
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