Track Description

Moderate, 2km to 10km

Stoll Road starts on Beards Track and runs through to join up with the top of Hard Up Haul Track and Hi Tree Extension Road intersection.

Coming from the Beards Track dircection, most of Stoll Road is downhill and not overly difficult.   If it is wet, it can be a bit of fun sliding down.   It is similar to Hard Up Haul Track in steepness.

Going the other way, mainly uphill, is difficult in the wet, but not too bad in the dry.

A good medium difficulty track.

Track Features

Sharp Rocks
Steep ascents/descents

Track Video

Driver Track Log

2013-08-14Mitsubishi Triton N/A
2014-06-07Suzuki Vitara This was a fun track there was one spot that both our 4by's lost it on one corner in the same place & in the same way.
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