Track Description

Moderate, 30km to 100km

A fairly easy beach drive at low tide.  It\'s possible  to drive from South Ballina to Evan\'s Head depending on the tides.  About halfway along there is a rocky section, which is easy at the bottom of the tide, but  however we had to turn back at a rocky section as the tide was too high  - if we had waited another half an hour we could have driven through like we have done on previous occasions.  Occasional there is a 1m step from some of the access tracks to the beach - particularly after the spring tides.


Access is either from the Ferry at Ballina or via a number of access roads.

Track Features


Driver Track Log

1989Toyota Landcruiser N/A
2012-02-27Nissan Patrol Beautiful Beach. Not to busy and plenty of room. The rocks can be crossed by a high lifted 4x4. Or, wait untill low tide. Close to amenities and the camp ground is only 100 metres off the access track. Watch your tide times because in some places, the tide will swallow you whole!! There are several access tracks off the beach at various points.
2012-05-28Toyota Hilux Surf N/A
01/11/11Holden Colorado fantastic beach run - not too crowded, entrance at the Border Creek Road end can be a bit soft
2010-04-10Toyota Landcruiser We go fishing here all the time great fun for the hole family. Good fishing in winter Tailor, Jew & bream
2015-03-01Toyota Prado Work shop with MNF 4x4 Accessories great day out. 23 4x4's come out
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