Track Description

Moderate, 2km to 10km

This is the Access track to "The Desert" area of Moreton Island which you access from the southern side or Tangalooma. Great for Sand Tobogganing.

The Desert

Ever been to a Desert? Did you know there is one no more than 35kms from Brisbane. Now have you ever been to a desert, climbed to the top of the glorious peaks then layed on a waxed masonite board and careered down with your face inches from the sand at exhilirating speeds? Well Moreton Island has this advenuture for young and old to experience experince.

The Moreton Island Desert is one kilometre south east of Tangalooma on Moreton Island. These bare sand dunes with patches of mineral colous are surrounded by thick vegetation and provide the steep slopes for sliding down the dunes at exhilirating speeds Wind is constantly changing the shape of these dunes, covering all evidence of human traffic on a daily basis.

Toboggans are available for purchase off The Micat Ferry .
How to get there:

There are several ways to get there, by foot there is a scenic walking track which bring you to half way up the east side of the deserts main dunes. From the western beach there is a 4wd track that can be accessed just north of False Patch near Tangalooma Wrecks or just south of Tangalooma Resort itself.

Track Features

Steep ascents/descents

Driver Track Log

2012-11-16Mazda BT-50 Very Soft access. track not too bad just watch the tour buses. There is section right after you leave you come down the hill before you climb the hill again that is as soft as power. Watch it... 75 minutes and 4 maxtrax got me out!
2013-08-18Nissan Pathfinder No rain for a while and rather soft sand and deep ruts towards the end of the track (thanks to the tourist buses). Having some height (lift kit) should be all that is required to get you through, or a fair bit of momentum and plough through a few spots like I had to with no lift kit.
2013-09-18Nissan Navara All the inland tracks on Moreton are very soft and quite corrugated in places, let those tire pressures right down and you won't have any dramas
2013-10-07Isuzu D Max Great track
2013-09-28Isuzu D Max Bit soft but worth the trip to sand toboggan. Cark park very soft, lowere tyre pressure and will have no issue. A Xtrail got stuck heading in, thats about the only problem
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